H1B Stamped in Nogales, Mexico after 221(g)


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Hi Guys,
Here is my Nogales, H1B stamping experience. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and Nogales is just 3 hours drive for me. So, I decided to go to Nogales for my VISA interview. I had my VISA stamped in India last year for the same employer and same client. So, I thought it should be easy.

I booked finger printing on Dec 6th and VISA interview on Dec 7th. I checked into Fray Marcos as suggested by many in this site. Its a good hotel in that locality and walkable (2 or 3 mins) from the border. Most staff do not know English, but they are always ready for help. 

I went for VISA interview on Dec 7th and after an hour in queue finally my turn came up. VISA officer asked me for my passports (old and new), approved I797 and employer letter. She then asked me about my client, their location my roles and responsibilities, my salary etc... She then gave me the white pamphlet (rights in U.S) and said that I must have received it earlier, but told me to keep it with me. I was happy that my VISA got approved. But then started problem. She started feeding information in her system, but she got stuck at a point. She was unable to enter some details. She called other Visa officers and they couldn't resolve the issue. She told me to sit for some time. I sat for an hour and half. Another V.O called me into a room. She asked me how I knew this employer, how did I got this job, did  employer take money for h1 transfer etc... She told me that they are unable to feed employer information into their system, so asking these question. I answered all her questions appropriately. My employer has less than 20 employees. She told me to wait outside. My earlier V.O called me after half an hour, said she is issuing 221(g) as they do not know how many days they might need for fixing this issue. She returned my passport. I asked her if I can go back to Phoenix, she told me to show 221(g) and my I797 to the homeland security officials at the border and they might allow me. She wasn't sure though. I checked out of hotel, stood in queue at border. Took me about an hour. Officer at the gate told me to go into a room. I sat there for some time. Another officer took me upstairs where I got I94 on my passport along with entry stamp. I didn't know that I will be allowed without having stamped VISA. Quite happy though.

I got an email from V.O asking me to submit my w2's and 1040's. I did and then I was asked to come for follow up interview. My followup interview was on Dec 16th at 11:00 am. Went to Nogales again, checked into same hotel, went for interview. This time, there is a new officer along with my old V.O (who took my first interview). They asked me some questions which were not relevant at all. I was with Indian MNC, earlier and I went to India in Dec 2010 and returned in June 2011 for same client while with Indian MNC. They were asking me if I was on bench that time. I said 'No'. They then asked why my 2014 w2 only had 40k on it. I said I changed my employer in Aug and that I have a 2nd w2 for the same year. They checked it. They discussed something amongst themselves and I was told to sit. I sat for 5 mins and my old V.O called me and said that my visa got approved. I returned to consulate at 4:00 pm for collecting my passport, but it wasn't ready. Since it was Friday, I had to stay in Mexico till Monday. I got my passport on Monday at 4:00 pm and returned to Phoenix same day. Finally all went well. :)

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