H1b stamping refusal after administration processing


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Hi guys,

I am in tough situation and seeking for your help.

I appeared for visa interview in new Delhi visa office. I was in interview with consulate only for 2 minutes with basic questions. Later she gave me 221 g yello slip and asked that she need some time to review documents. When I checked my status it's Administrative Processing(As expected), and after few days it changed to refusal.(My bad luck)

Now I have below questions, and need your valuable suggestions on how I can proceed further.

1. Can I go for h1b visa transfer - cap exampt?

2. What can be the reason of refusal?

3. What are the chances of h1b visa stamping after visa transfer?

4. If I go for B1 visa stamping, will h1b visa refusal make any negative impact?

5. What reason of refusal should I mention while applying for fresh B1 visa?

My h1 petition is still approved.

I will be really thank full for you reply and help.

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