Traveling to Vancouver for H1b stamping


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Hi Friends,

I got my visa interview for H1b scheduled on 22nd Dec at Vancouver , if any people are having interviews around the same dates or different times on same date, please share your info if you wish to, using my user id(travel plan ,accomodation, experience.. etc)

Also , try to share the experience at Vancouver , if you had already taken the interview


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Hi friends,

Got my H1b stamping successfully at vancouver 


It started and happened in this way 

Me: good morning , how are you doing ?

VO: I am good , how are you

Me : i am good , thanks for asking


VO : who is your employer ?

Me : Xxxxxxxxx


VO : what is your employer ?

Me : staffing company 


VO : where do you work , at your employer or any other location ?

Me : Client location and located in Xxxxx


VO : Since when are you on H1b?

Me : Xxxxxx


VO : Pass me your paystubs and LCA ?(verified the salary amount in LCA and looked into my paystub)

Me : passed on 


VO : are you getting xxxx amount as on paystubs ?

Me : yes


VO : did you do masters in United States ?

Me : yes from particular college in computer science 


VO : did you worked in Opt ?

Me : yes 


Then VO mentioned , I will get an update by mail in 3 days for my passport 

Wish u all the good lunch buddies ... who ever is coming vancouver 

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