h1 visa valid until 2019 but pasport expiring. Need urgent help


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Hello All,

Need an urgent advise. My h1b visa until Sep 2019. Recently I went to India for stamping and received it until Sep 2019. But at POE immigration officer given stamp until Sep 2017.(Because this date is my date of expiry for passport)


1) I am applying for renewal of passport in US and I will get passport extension within 10 days, but for new visa stamped on new passport should I again go out of USA and get it stamped or It can be done at any airport POE?

2)My old passport expiry date is Sep 2017, and visa stamped on it is valid until Sep 2019. So in this case what will happen ? I will get new passport with new visa (valid until Sep 2019) stamped on it or I will carry old passport and new passport same time but no need to stamp visa on new passport?

Appreciate your answers.



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