H4 EAD renewal now?


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 I need some help regarding my wife H4 EAD renewal. I work FT and got promoted to  another position recently and my employer is filing for an H1amendment and H1/H4 extension together as my H1B/H4  is expiring in Sep 2017.

Now once the H1/H4 extensions are approved (most likely till 2020) , do we need to apply for H4 EAD again now (although it’s valid till Sep 2017)  or wait till the current one expires ? 
Can she work with her current EAD even after the H4 extension is approved or do we need to file new EAD again now?


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Actually my employer didn't agree to file all 3 together. Since the current EAD is valid till Sep 2017, can she continue her Residency on it.

I saw in USCIS  that you can't apply 120 days before EAD expiry .  Also she is planning to go to India in Feb (Assuming that approval comes in 2 weeks as we applied under Premium). So can we apply once she returns back?

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