Approved H1B in the past - Can I use it now?


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Hey Guys,

I am basically from India. Need some guidance/suggestion regarding my previous approved H1B which was not used yet.

In 2006, I was lucky enough that my H1B application was picked by the lottery system, but visa was not stamped (In India) due to failure of providing the 'contract agreement between the employer (petitioner) and job site' under 221(g). I was supposed to reply with required documentation in a year but my employer failed to do so. Since then, I was checking my luck by filing H1B from the past 2 years, but it didn't picked up by the lottery system.

Recently, I got to know that I can utilize my H1B as I was not traveled to the US till 2014, and I never utilized my H1B in the past. Currently on F2, and would like to know is there any way that I can utilized my approved H1B application (I-797B)? 

It would be great if some one can share their experience with similar case or let me know how can I process?



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