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On 12/15/2016 at 5:03 AM, sshahab2008 said:

If  someone get a job by using proxy for interview and after  join , vendor(employer->vendor-->Client) comes to know about it.

what legal action a vendor/USCIS can take against  employee or employer?


Even lying on your resume can land you in jail with criminal proceedings against you in several states. What you are mentioning here is fraud of the highest order and can have legal and immigration implications. Not even sure whether these types of questions can be entertained in public boards like these. 


This is based on personal information and is not an expert legal  opinion.

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What you are describing would certainly be a form of fraud; the vendor could take civil action (i.e. sue for damages.) Depending on what the state's laws are, I suppose there could be criminal prosecution for this, too.


From a USCIS perspective, this arguably would be a form of fraud that would make a person inadmissible/removable (i.e. deportable.) I say 'arguably' because it would have to be shown that the fraud was committed to obtain a material immigration benefit. What you are describing is not directly for an immigration benefit, but for a job. So, a lawyer certainly could argue that this does not constitute fraud from an immigration law standpoint. But, we've seen similar types of cases in the past, and the DHS clearly takes the position that this is a form of immigration fraud.

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