F2 Dependent Visa or B1/B2 visa for my Wife


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I am on OPT status and working for renowned company in US and have applied for OPT extension as OPT is expiring in Feb' 17, I got married in Aug' 16 and my Wife is in India now. We want to stay together here in US. I have come to realize that F2 visa approval rates are very low, so I was wondering can I apply B1/B2 visa for my wife. Is it a good option or it is better for me to apply F2 visa for my wife. Also please let me know should I apply for visa after I get OPT extension approved or anytime is fine.

Please advice, your suggestion in this regards is highly appreciated.

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13 hours ago, shekar11# said:

F-2 is better after your OPT extension gets approved because you will have a employment letter and financial statements proving that you will support her stay. F-2 chances are very low when you are studying, not when you are working.

Actually, the other way around. Getting an F2 is pretty hard when the person is on OPT. There are lots of posts about that here.

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8 hours ago, Sonu02061984 said:

@JoeF whats the best option I have now.

I don't think there is a good option. Either way is a problem.

The issue is that they assume you want to stay in the US on H1, and the marriage may just have been a way to get her into the US. They have seen this kind of stuff way too often, so they assume the worst. There are posts here where the spouse was seeking a divorce soon after coming to the US. Blame the people who abused the system. That's why we can't have good things...

Sorry it doesn't help you, but it may help you understand the situation. If you have a job lined up in your home country for after the OPT, you may have a better chance.


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