I-94 Expired, Help Needed


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My H1B visa is valid till SEP-2017 (H1B stamp on old passport and I-797) but my I-94 is valid till July-2016 because my old passport was expiring in JULY-2016. And I filed my H1B Amendment( I moved to another client with different location)  on October 13th 2015 and it is approved on December 8th 2016( without RFE).  

I already renewed my passport on November 2015 and I am planning to travel to India on March 2017. so now my question is it a problem at port of entry? If it is YES , what are the available options for me to avoid ban at the port of entry?


1. I-94 validity: 07/23/2016

2. I-797 validity : 09/17/2017

3. H1B visa stamp on old passport validity: 09/17/2017

4. Amendment  Filed: October 13th 2015

5.Amendment approved : December 8th 2016 


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