Organization Name in DS160 for H4 Visa


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Hi All,

1)I am filling DS-160 Form for my wife. What should be Organization name in US Point of Contact Information Page. I gave my details in Contact Person space. Do I need to give my employer name in Organization name field or does it can be marked as Do Not Know.

2)My wife h4 visa expired on Sept 27,2015 and I got my H1B extension from Sept 28th,2015 to June 2018. Will she qualify for drop box. She will be going to India on Jan 9th,2017. She had her first stamping in India.

3)Also once I fill DS160 form and while filling profile information online by entering details in below link , do we get any confirmation at that time itself if we qualify for drop box or will we get any email/ confirmation letter  for qualifying for drop box. 

4)If we qualify for dropbox  when can we drop off documents. 


Can someone please let me know.




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