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I am currently on L1A with EB2 perm approved. Since my company is not intending to EB1, I am planning to transfer to H4 EAD and move to another employer for better opportunities. Here are my questions:

Assuming H4 and EAD are approved at the same time:

1) I am in 7th year of L1A (expiring in Oct). Can any other company file new H1B for me? Are the L years counted against six years of H1B irrespective of L1A and L1B. Let me know if some one can point to the exact clause in uscis or relevant site.
2) If I file concurrently for H4 and EAD, would I able to continue with the my current company till I resign as I am not out of work status at any point of time?
3) if 2 is true, can my company still file for EB1? In that case how will they file EB1 - on the basis of H4 or L1 documents?
4) If 2 is not true, can I be on H4 EAD, not work with any other company and come back on L1A?

Assuming H4 is approved first:

1) Will this be considered that I am out of work status till EAD comes?
2) Can I keep working with the same company once EAD comes?

In short, I want to stay in my company if they file EB1 while H4 EAD is either being processed or approved unless I move to new employer. Also, Is filing i140 on EB2 on premium will help in my cause in any way?
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