i140 approved and 2 years left in H1b


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Hi All,

Need your help in understanding if its safe for me to change jobs or not, based on following conditions:

1) i140 approved now waiting for PD(Priority Date) so I can file i485

2) 2 yrs left on H1b


1) If I change employer now Can I still get 3 yrs of extension on h1b?

2) Can I change employer and transfer my i140 or a least PD without any problem?

3) Does AC21 portability law applies on me?

4) Does it affect if my new job is in different state than the one I am currently in?

5) How can I retain PD from current employer?

6) If my current employer revoke my i140 on change of my employment then what are the options and can I retain PD in that case?

Please help me understand all this as its very very important for me.

Thank you All


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