EAD with multiple jobs


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Sorry if this questioned asked in the past.

Company 1 : I have FULL time job with Company 1 which sponsored my GC with EB2 priority date Jan 2009. I received EAD two years ago but never used and have H1B extension on I-140.  My current status maintained on H1B. 

Company 2: I received FULL time offer from Company 2 in other state.

is it possible to work  two FULL time jobs on EAD for two Months? I will assume if I use my EAD with Company 2 then status with Company 1 will automatically switched to EAD. Correct me if misunderstood.

is there possibility Company 1 or 2 can find out FULL time with other?

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If you work for another company with the EAD, you would violate the terms of the H1, so you would indeed no longer be on H1.

And working for another company on the side could be grounds for getting fired for cause. Employment contracts nowadays usually have clauses that prohibit working for some other company without approval by the first company. One reason is that companies don't want their employees to work for a competitor. Another reason is that they want the full attention to their jobs. They don't want people falling asleep at their desks because they worked another job.

It is mentally pretty much impossible to work two fulltime jobs on the H1/GC level. This is not burger-flipping, after all. Concentrate on one job and do that job well.

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