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I'M on my initial 12-month OPT now with M.S. in biomedical research area. I am about to teach STEM-major international undergraduates offered through international service program (ISP) at a university, which is definitely related with my major in my opinion. The university issues H1b to faculty but the ISP office haven't hire any STEM-major OPT interns before. The ISP office wants to make sure they or the university will not be affected in anyway if my major turns out not related with the job. As I understand it is the sole responsibility for me to decide the job relevancy and the employer will not be affected at all if it turn out non-related. Am I right? Thank you!
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On 12/9/2016 at 0:32 PM, JoeF said:

If it is not related it would be unauthorized work, and the employer can also be fined for allowing unauthorized work.

Discuss the situation with a good immigration lawyer.


Thank you for the immediate reply.  Is it common that F1/opt (M.S. in biomedical science) works in teaching biomedical science in a community college?  Lots of F1/OPTs with Ph.D degree teach at universities so I assume teaching at community college with be safe. Am I right? Thank you!

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