140-EAD Compelling Circumstance


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Dear All Members & Murthy Law Firm,

I just want to get a clarification on the Compelling Circumstance scenario within the new proposed rule I140-EAD  which is effective Jan 17, 2017.

I am on H1B(8th Year) have an approved I140 with PD 2010 December and i work in California (EVC Model). My wife is also on the H1B (FTE) and works in Texas. I keep travelling every week for work with my own expenses and some times i travel once in a fort night. 

We are expecting a baby early next year and i couldnt find any job in Texas in the last one year. I am fed up with all the travel and stressed out max waiting on for EAD or GC. 

If we have to move to a single location one of us have to sacrifice our career and loose the H1B.

In this scenario will i be able to file for I40-EAD under compelling circumstances?

Appreciate your valuable inputs!

Thanks in Advance.

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