Multiple H1B Applications


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I have got two H1B applications picked in a lottery for this year(from different employer). I came to know about picked lottery from 1st employer in may 2016 and it's still in processing.Yesterday, my second employer called me n told me that their application is picked in lottery and USCIS has sent RFE for it.

I have got some questions related with the situation-

1. As my both applications from different employer are picked in lottery, is there a possibility that both of them will be denied due to multiple applications in my name?

2. Or can both applications be accepted?

3. Do I need to tell any of them to withdraw the application?

4. If I tell anyone to withdraw application, will that be the breach in Agreement (I signed to serve)?

5. If I tell my second employer not to reply for RFE, will that H1b application be withdrawn? And can employer ask me for compensation for the application process?

Please help me with the situation here. Thank you.

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