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Need help with a question -

I am employed with company ABC in US on H1B visa. I received offer from another company XYZ. I got my H1B visa transferred to another company (visa transfer got approved). Once approved I joined company XYZ for 1 day, however I left them on next day and came back and joined company ABC again. Company ABC reinstated my employment without any discontinuity with 1 day as vacation (when I was with XYZ).

I had not submitted I9 form with company XYZ when i joined them for 1 day and later discontinued. Company XYZ is now asking me to submit I9 form for 1 day joining with them. Do I need to submit I9 for that company. If I submit I9 for that company, will it cancel my H1B status with ABC? Will I be able to show continued employment with ABC if I submit I9 with XYZ. Please let me know

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