Which document is Approved I-129 petition

Vivek Rautela

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Hi Team,

I am in India and my company in US applied for the transfer of H1B under Premium fee. After the applied I received the Notice receipt (attached the screenshot for your ref) and now I got the scanned copy of I979 Approved notice.

I came to know that earlier we have to carry the original copy of I797 but now as per the list of documents available in the website they said for Visa interview we have to carry " The receipt number printed on your approved I-129 petition. Paper copies of the I-797 are not required at the interview. "

I just want to know which document is approved I-129 petition. Is this the same that I received after filing the transfer. Attached the screenshot for your ref.

Appreciate if someone will help to clarify so that I can book the appointment.




I-797C Notice of Action.png

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