2 Applications in 1 Fedex?


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Hi All,

Can I send 2 (mine and wife's) N-400 application in 1 single Fedex envelope? Ofcourse with 2 seperate cheques. We both got our GC at the same time & date. 

Any recent applicant applied? Apart from N-400 filled form, 2 photos and Cheques...anything else? I will surely go through the USCIS site throughly.

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Thanks for the info.

Another question I have -

How difficult is it to change wife's Last name during Naturalization process. After marriage we did not change her Last name to my name. Her first name would still be the same. We would like to change it now.


For ex -Sonia Kapoor becomes Sonia Verma.


Has anyone done this? Would just showing Marriage Certificate sufficient?

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No responses? Fine!


How about this question? I live in the US. Do I need to send 2 photographs along with N400? 

The document checklist says if I reside outside the US, 2 identical photographs needs to be sent. But I live in the US. Do I need to send or no?

I'll anways be sending the N-400 form filled, photocopy of my GC (back and front) and also the Cheque.


Anyone can confirm about the photographs.


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For name changes, the person can change the name to pretty much anything. No documents required.

However, not all USCIS districts do name changes. Name changes are done by a court, and if the oath ceremony doubles as a court session, name changes are possible (this was the case for me in Los Angeles.) Some districts, like in the San Francisco/San Jose area, only do administrative oath ceremonies, which aren't a court session, so name changes are not possible as part of naturalization there.

It is of course always possible to do a name change through the courts, but it's a bit more complicated (I knew an American who did that.)

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As for a "person can change the name to pretty much anything", search for "Lord Jesus Christ Massachusetts"... I find it amusing ;)

From one article:

"At the risk of sounding blasphemous, Lord Jesus Christ is a 50-year-old artist with gold-streaked dreadlocks down to his waist and a raspy voice who sometimes dresses in women’s clothing depending on his mood.

“I realize it’s controversial. I’m not what people picture Jesus Christ looking like,” Jesus Christ said.

The Belchertown resident who a few years ago began calling himself Lord Jesus Christ rose to prominence last week in a most painful way: a local news story about him being injured when struck by a car in a downtown Northampton crosswalk literally circulated the globe.


And Lord Jesus Christ is his legal name. He said he went to court a few years ago to have it legally changed.

“It took two judges,” he said.

It is the name on his Massachusetts driver’s license. It is also the name on his Social Security card."

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ok..another question..what on earth is a lockbox facility?

I'll be Fedexing my n400 to the below address, as I am based in one of the states mentioned.

For FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries, use the following address:

Attn: N-400
2501 S State Hwy 121 Business
Suite 400
Lewisville, TX 75067


also whenever you are skipping any section (for ex. section 6 where in my parents are not US citizens) should i just skip or type in "N/A"?

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  • 1 month later...

I just filed the N400 forms for both my wife and I. Sent them in the same envelope and there were no issues, at least none that I know of. I used her credit card on her application and my CC on mine, both were charged the appropriate amount, so that tells me at least someone saw both applications!

As for the name change, your wife should've checked "Yes" in the section where it asks if you want to legally change your name. If you check that box and indicate what you want the last name to be, there shouldn't be any problem with that would be my guess.

Just leave those sections that do not apply to you as blank. Don't need to put N/A or NA or anything else.

Good luck with the applications.

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