Green Card Holder applying for spouse living in USA


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I am USA green card holder. I have received my green card 2008. I am from Bangladesh, graduated from Rutgers University.  Anyway, I married a H1B holder. Who is graduated from USA as well. He is from Bangladesh. I am wondering when should I apply for him since i am not citizen yet (I have applied for my citizenship, hoping it will approve soon) 

Can I apply I130 form for him now or should I wait after reeving my citizenship?

If I apply I130 , do I have to apply I485 as well for him ?

If I apply I130 form for him, I am worried it will take longer time for him ?


Please advise me 


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There is a backlog for sponsoring a spouse as a Permanent Resident. Check the Visa Bulletin. The spouse can only file an I-485 when the PD is current. It is always the beneficiary who files an I-485.

There is no quota for spouses of US citizens, so in that case, I-130 and I-485 can be filed together.

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