Visitor Visa for Wife's siter and brotehr in law


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My wife's Sister and brother-in-law expressed their interest in visiting USA. What Visa type they have to apply? My wife and me are here from last 10+ years and we are GC holders. Can we apply for their visa like what we did for both of our parents or have to apply on their own. What are the chances of getting visa approved for tourism purpose and how long it will be allowed to stay and how many years the visa is valid?

Thanks in advance to forum. Please share your visa interview experiences as well if anyone has applied for this type of visa before.

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They should read up the info on the consulate website and apply on their own. Tell them to stay away from Agents of any sort. They need to state a reasonable duration say 1.5 months of stay and they can give your address as the place of stay. As stated above they will get a stay of 6 months though if they are working that would be overkill as they would have to get back to their job. Please do not coach them in any way.

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