H1B Visa Stamping at Chennai (Unknown Blue Slip)


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I'm just hoping that someone could promptly reply me here.  

Here is the scenario:

I went to US Consulate in Chennai on 1/12/2016. After the interview at about 11.30am, I received the 221g blue slip simply asking me to return at 2.00pm on the same day. At about 3.45pm, a different officer returned the documents while holding another blue slip acknowledging 'looks like you already received the blue slip' refering to the earlier one and then advising 'Please wait for an email from us'. Now while the blue slip could mean anything, my blue slip says nothing except for 'come back at 2pm on 1/12/2016' which he doesn't know and by then irrelevant to me.

Now that I just got them asking me to wait for an email, i'm curious on what could hold this process. Between they were closing the door and I was the second last person in the room.

I'm quite concerned about what it meant and also thinking if I should simply drop them an email asking if I need to submit additional documents. This is important as I need to return to work by 15/12/2016. I would at least be happy to know what I should anticipate. 

Thank You


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Thank you so much for the replies. I got more worried reading the press release that the Consulate service will be suspended due to the unexpected demise of our Chief Minister. 

Do let me know if you manage to attend the interview on today Boilerdam. Wishing the best for you. Thanks Sekar for your reply. I shall hope to hear from them soon. 


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