****Urgent H1B Visa Stamping******


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Hi I'm planning to renew H1B Visa Stamping @Matamoros, Mexico on Dec 12th.

When my Employer filed H1B petition extension in Jan 2016 working for "A" client at Dallas location and applied H1B extention with  "A" client.In March 2016 New Client company "B" started at same Dallas location in same Floor building under same management and working for client "B" since March 2016.Is there any issues with this situation, to go and renew H1B Stamping at Matamoros, Mexico.

If there are no issues either client "A" or client "B" Master Service Agreement(MSA) for (Employer-Vendor)  I need to carry for Stamping? Is any H1B amendment require in this situation?

Please advise as early as possible.

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