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Hello EveryOne,

I am currently on h1b and My project got completed in October-2017. Market was really bad after that. I did not get  new project yet. Currently, I am on valid H1b status.  In order to maintain the status, I wanted to go for Change of Status by getting the MBA admission sooner.

I have few question and would be appreciated if I get those answered.


1) If I go for Change of status from H1b to F1, Do I have any chances to get my COS approved with out issues?

2) If I get my change of status approved, Do I need to complete My MBA for sure? or After getting job,  can I go for F1 to H1 by Changing the status again?.

3) Currently, As I am on H1, after  COS  to F1 and completing  MBA, do I need to go for H1 lottery to get work Visa or shall I directly send the documents for COS to H1 from F1with out going for H1 lottery system?.

your time and answers are really appreciated.






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