Successful H1B Stamping @Chennai


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My wife and I had H1b Visa Interview on Dec 1/2016. We went to the Consulate 30 mins early. Queue was not very long. After the initial waiting finally we entered the main building where the interviews were taking place. When we were sent to the VO, we were sent together for interview. I was not aware that we will be having our interviews together for individual H1B.

I have been working in US since 6 years. Did my Masters in US.

My Model: Full Time EC, Wife: Full Time Internal (Not Service Based) 


VO: Good morning both of you,

Me: Good Morning Officer

He took our passports

VO: What Company do you work for?

Me: XX Company

VO: When Did you change your job and Why?

Me: Get to work in new technology etc.,

VO: Who is your client and what do they do?

Me: Gave the required answer.

Now turning to my wife,

VO: Which Company do you work for?

Wife: XX Company.

VO: What is your job title and what do you do?

Wife: Database design etc etc...

VO: Your visas are approved...

He just had our passports. Did not ask for a single document. Murthy forum really helped me to go prepared for the Interview and I felt it is necessary for me to inform what I went through hoping it would probably help someone. All the best for the rest of you!

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