I94 expires on 01/2017. But I797 transferred with new I94. Which is valid ? old i94 or new i94


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Hi, I am concerned about my i94. My situation is like below.

1. Employer A - H1B visa valid till Dec 2017 but I-94 Valid only till Jan 2017 as per POE and updated in Website.

2. Now, I transferred visa to Employer B with new I797 valid till Nov 2019. Also it mentioned I-94 valid till Non 2019. But this is not updated in website. 

Concern is: 

A. Which of my I-94 is valid. on my passport I-94 valid till Jan 2017. 

B. as per new I797 its updated till Nov 2019. But this is not reflecting on Website. 

Please suggest what actions I need to do. 



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Simple and best way is go to home country and get stamped over there and come back. please don't waste the time by asking and reading all the blogs, by the time you figure it out what to do with ur situation you will find ur self out of status. so it is better to start applying visa. don't listen to ur friends talk to a good lawyer may be make an appoinment with murthy lawyer and get best options. I know they will also suggest you to get stamped on ur passport with new I797. 

All the best .....and may be appointment cost 200 to 400, 

this amount is nothing but you will get piece of mind ... once you talk to an expert... don't waste ur time..

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