H1B Transfer while in extension

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Hello ,

I have a question on my scenario below, regarding switching company .Any help would be appreciated.

Currently working in Company A  - I have my visa and current petition valid till Dec 18 2016. I have my extension receipt number with current company (extension filed on Aug 23 in normal mode) . With current trend it might take another 4/5 months to get a decision on this. 

Company B - Is willing to do a H1B visa transfer for me, but waiting for the board approval.


  1. Is there any restrictions stating Company B has to file extension before I-94 expiry ?
  2. In worst case if they file the H1B transfer after I-94 expiry , is it safe ? Or any implications ?
  3. Will my transfer request would be valid if COMPANY A  withdraws or extension get denied/RFE ?


Any help is deeply appreciated.


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