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Dear Friends,

I am a physcian from India in training on J-1 visa sponsored by ECFMG and applied for Hardship waiver based on my US CITIZEN son's health issues. Now  today DOS received both I 612/I 613 forms from USCIS. Is this a good sign?? How long it will take for DOS to make a decision back to USCIS. I have a J-1 waiver job through conrad-30 PROGRAM. Shall I commit for that or wait till this decision ???


Thank you

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Hello Money, 

Just wanted to check with you if you had received any update from DOS on your hardship case? Hopefully you would have continued waiting for your hardship case instead of taking the conrad-30 waiver option as you won't have the restriction of working for a J1- sponsored employer for 3 years.


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