I-94 Road Exit - Entry not updated


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I am on H1-B. Below is my entry -exit trail in and out of USA.


1- Entry - 1/10/15 / By Air / From India

2- Exit - 9/15/16 / By Road / To Canada

3- Entry - 9/17/16 / By Road / From Canada (Two days in Canada)

4- Exit - 10/14/16 / By Air / To India

5- Entry - 11/21/16 / By Air / From India

But my travel history on I-94 shows only (1),(2),(5) in the sequence. It does not have (3) and (4) displayed

I did check my I-94 only after USA entry from India, is this a problem will it affect my H1-B extension (yet to apply) or G.C. application (yet to apply)

In case this needs to be corrected where should I go, I am in Owings Mills , MD.


Thanks in advance.

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