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Hi, anyone familiar with H1B petition please help me out. Thanks in advance.

Currently I'm transferring my H1B from one employer (Company B) to another employer (Company A). I worked for Company A before. Then I left the company and joined Company B. Right now I decided to go back to Company A. But I'm facing some really puzzling issues here. My attorney told me that my petition package has been kicked back by UCSIS California Service Center for three times. According to my attorney, the first time USCIS kicked back the package, claiming that my case should be an extension without change of employer and it should go to Nebraska Service Center. My attorney sent the package back to California Center, claiming that this is not an extension because I worked for B in the past one year, and this should be a change of employer. Then California Center kicked back the package again, claiming that we need include the $500 anti-fraud fee if it is a change of employer. Then my attorney sent the package back again, claiming that we don't have to include the $500 anti-fraud fee because company A already paid this fee back to the first time filing the previous H1B. Then California Center kicked back again, insisting that the package needs go to Nebraska Center. Then my attorney sent the package to Nebraska Center without choice. It has been 3 weeks since then and there is no receipt or return of package, basically no one knows where the package is... I'm so confused and so tired about this situation here, and I don't know what to do next. It seems to me it goes into a black hole and USCIS different centers are kicking ball to each other. 

Is there anyone who can interpret this situation? Actually, for my personal perspective, I think company A should include that $500 anti-fraud fee this time even if they paid that fee before, because this is a different new petition and I am changing employer here. I don't why my attorney insisted that we don't have to include that $500 fee. 

Please help me out here. I appreciate any help and explanation greatly.

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