H4 to H1 Change of Status


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Hello, my wife was in India in October 2014 and filed her H1 from some consultancy company  A through lottery system. She travelled to US on H4

as her status was not changed automatically since she was in India. She did not work due to health issues but had her H1 approved petition from

company A. Later she joined her old employer B and they applied for her Change of Status from H4 to H1 in year August 2015 ( no lottery since it

was COS ). It got approved and she is working with the employer till present.
She needs to go for stamping to India, I am worried if the Visa

officer asks her questions pertaining to her old consultancy who had filed their H1 in first place which she never worked for. What answer should

be given and is there any need to mention the company which she never worked for.
Her current employer is MNC and has all paper work ready with

approved i797. Kindly advice

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