Spouse in India and have H1B and never travelled to USA, suggest a good option

Kumar Annamalai

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Hi All,

I am currently working in USA and recently married and my wife have H1B in India and working for an IT Multi National Company. She have never traveled to US. Her visa expires in June 2016. Please answer and suggest me a good option,

1. Can i have my wife's H1B converted into H4 and get her into USA and then find an employer and then initiate H4 to H1B conversion?

2. Is it possible for her H1B transferred from India only though she haven't traveled to USA(No Pay-stubs have generated so far?)

2. I can also ask my Company to transfer her H1B in India and then bring her here to USA ?  Whether she have to go for Visa Stamping in order to convert her H1B to my employer?

3. In her current Company she doesn't have any opening as of now. So looking for options to bring her to US asap?

Please advise a good option so i can bring her to USA asap

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I am not an expert, but entering US on an H1B with no proper project/paystubs is always a risk. Assuming you are on H1, you can file for her H4 based on that, and she will have to get it stamped before she enters US. When she is here, if she gets a project/job, she can always apply for H1, she will not have to go for the lucky draw and will not count against the H1 quota, since she already had an H1 before. 

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