Automatic Visa Revalidation while I-94 not showing complete details


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Hello folks,

I am on H1 Visa and my stamping was valid until this September. I got my H1B extended this August for 3 years (Same employer but different client).  I am planning to visit Canada next week and avail the Automatic Visa Revalidation(AVR) process while coming back. Here are my questions:

1. My I-94 travel history is not up do date. It says my last port of entry as Dec 02 2015  at Abu Dhabi(which is accurate) but my travel history just shows my exit from the country as April 01 2016(We had visited Canada in April and returned the next day). It fails to mention the date of entry again. After I had returned from Canada, I did call the CBP to find out why its not mentioned, but the officer told me that since its a land border travel, I do not have to be worried. Even the website says that certain land border arrivals and departures are not recorded everytime. But now, since I am planning to avail AVR, will it affect my entry to the states given that the travel history just shows the exit but no arrival record? 

2. Also, the online I-94 shows the expiration date as 9-14-16(which is my previous H1 validation date). My recent I-797 shows my new expiration date to be 2019. Should I get a new I-94?

3. Am I qualified for AVR or should I go for stamping instead?

I appreciate your help and guidance.




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