Is DUI the end of world?


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Sorry, for bringing this topic here but I have been one of those unfortunate ones who got stamped with a DUI (in India). It's quite depressing for me as now I may not be able to travel freely across the world, hampering my career growth as my job requires travel across the world at short notice.

I am stressed out and super depressed, please can somebody share their experience and suggest if a single mistake like a DUI can screw the entire life that bad? Please help me get over this friends.

Many thanks!

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Its certainly not the end of the world. Don't presuppose that it is and stop your efforts toward success. We all make mistakes. What is important is whether we learnt from them and move forward. Just a single DUI shouldn't have big impact. Just stick to the facts, be honest and explain that you have learnt and changed. People appreciate that honesty even more than a perfectly clean record.  

Good luck. 

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