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If you are absent for more than 6 months at a stretch, then you automatically have to wait another five years to apply for citizenship. If you stay for more than an year outside the country, you'll automatically lose your GC. You can keep your GC alive by taking a reentry permit which will be valid for 2 years. So you can reenter the US after two years if you have the reentry permit before you leave the US. But the reentry permit is not good enough to stop resetting your citizenship clock cycle.

In your present situation, if you have to keep your chances of applying for citizenship alive by 2018, you should not take trips to India for more than about 3 months at a stretch. You should also maintain a residence here in the U.S for the next two years.


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2 hours ago, Subh5313 said:

Thanks for the reply, Quick question if I keep my residency here and stay in India and come every 6months (before the end of 6 months) and stay for a week, since I have completed staying here for more than 30 months from start date, will that work?


No, that won't work. You actually have to live here. Living abroad and just visiting the US once in a while can also result in you losing the GC.

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Thanks, I am still exploring between me and my wife if we can spend some time with parents, wanted to understand the options better, I hate the family to be separated having said that in a way that aging/medical attention requiring parents cannot be abandoned, this is creating a pressure on all of us including the kids.

One option is to get them here, healthcare is so prohibitively expensive kills the option otherwise that would have been the most preferred.

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