Applying I-130 and Visiting USA


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I am US citizen and want to apply GreenCard for my  sister , which I believe I-130 form is the way to go and it takes at least a decade to hear back from USCIS.

Meanwhile if she want to apply for non-immigrant visa like visitors visa or H1-B work visa, is there any issue in obtaining the non-immigrant visa? I have heard somewhere that there are issues with obtaining non-immigrant visa after you have applied for immigrant visa.





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On the application for a non-immigrant visa like the B2 there is a question if an immigrant petition has ever been filed for the person. The I-130 is such an immigrant petition.

The B2 does not allow immigration intent, so there clearly is a conflict because the I-130 shows immigration intent. That makes it very hard to get a visitor visa when an I-130 is filed.

An H1 allows immigration intent, so it is not a problem getting that.

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