Can i start my job immediately after applying H4 EAD


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my wife and I have approved valid I140s, both has a valid H1 Petition ending in 2018.Currently My wife planning to apply H1 COS H4 and H4 EAD concurrently, saying that I got approved I140 with my previous employer and my current employer has just applied for new I140.
1. Do she needs to take consideration and provide my previous employer approved I140 details,not the current I140 which is pending for filing the H4.
2. She has already exhausted her 6 years of H1 stay and this is her 8th year and still have a valid H1 for other two years, saying that if moved from H1->H4 and back to H1 do she have to move before the H1 petition expires in case if employer didn't revoke or it does not matter whenever moving back to H1 she just needs to transfer H1 with cap exempt.
3. If her H4 EAD approved and status changed to H4 ,do she needs to stop working on H1 the day it's approved.can she hold both H4 and H1 and move to H4 when her job ends or does it hold any grace period on movement.
4. It's been more than 180 days after 140 approved even after the employer revokes the I140 later She can still use the priority date .

I really appreciate if I could get some response on the above questions and thanks for your valuable feedback.

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