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H1/H4 visa stamping - Drop box

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Dear friends,


We are in our seventh year of H1b/H4 based on approved I 140, already received EAD/AP combo, awaiting I 485. Current H1b/H4 approval valid till 09/2019. Traveling to home country, India soon. Questions we have:


1. Are we eligible for stamping by drop box? My husband has just changed employment in July 2016 and we have new H1/H4 approval based on new employment. Previous H1b visa stamping was for previous employer expired in June 2016. 

2. I have H1b stamp in my passport (till 03/2017) but later changed status to H4 and I do not have H4 visa stamp in my passport. Am I eligible for drop box for H4 stamping? 

3. Recently there was a significant hike in the H1 visa fees to $4500. Does it apply to us as individual applicant when we go for the stamping? To my understanding it is the extra fees to be paid my employer only. 


Thank you. 



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1. Your husband is eligible for drop box.

2. You are not eligible because you have a change of status.

3. The fees is not for a visa application. It's for the H-1 petition fees. Your husband employer is responsible for that piece.

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Additional question:


According to your post, I am NOT eligible for drop box since I have changed my status to H4. Can I go for stamping alone before my husband can drop his application in the drop box since I am traveling a month ahead of my husband's planned travel? In other words, do my husband has to have valid visa stamp in his passport before I can go for my own H4 stamping? 


Thank you. 

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