CWOP on H1-B visa (because of new B2 application) - Will the future H1-B petition be cap exempt?


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I was a Masters student in US until 2012. Then I started working on H1-b (after going through the lottery process) from Oct 2012. The initial term on the H1-B visa given was 3 years - until Oct 2015. Before the expiry of the initial term, my employer filed for H1-B renewal and the petition was approved for another 2 years. I continued working using the apporved H1-B renewal petition for 5 months(without the renewed H1-B stamping) - Oct 2015 till Feb 2016. During Feb 2016, I came to India on a temporary visit - so got the H1-B renewal stamped on my passport during the first week of my visit. This stamping is valid until July 2017. But during this temporary trip after getting the visa stamped, I had to quit the job because of family reasons and I never used the stamped H1-B visa to enter United States. 

Now, I am employed as a independent contractor in India for past 3 months and planning to go to United States to visit my siblings. I am planning on applying for B2 visa for this.
My questions are - 

1. If I apply for B2 visa, will my H1-B stamping marked as CWOP (Cancelled without prejudice) ? 

2. If my H1-B is marked as CWOP - In future (let's say 5 months later) If I find an employer in United States for a new job - will the employer need to file new H1-B petition  subject to CAP or CAP-EXEMPT? Two reasons why this question came up was because - My h1-B could be marked as CWOP because of #1 above and also I have never used the "latest stamped H1-B" to enter United States and work.(But I worked for 5 months with the approved petition for the latest H1-B).

Please help..

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