Filing I-140 under EB1A premium processing at NSC


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Hello All, 
I need some guidance to file I-140 under EB1A category at NSC under premium processing.

I am currently working in the field of neurodegenerative disorders at molecular biology level. I am doing post-doc at one of the top 5 universities in USA. I have total 6 publications ( 3 first author and 3 second author) with 140 total citations. I have 7 recommendation letter out of which 4 are independent, 2 collaborators and 1 PI. I have reviewed 18 journal articles in 9 journals. I also have given presentations at 4 international conferences. My two articles are highlighted in F1000 prime by faculty members and one of my article is in top 25% of researched article in Altmetric. My two articles were highlighted in the journal. 

I want to know if 
1. I can file under EB1A category? 
2. Should I file under premium processing at NSC or regular processing as I came to know that at NSC they issue very high number of RFE under premium processing ( which I am not sure about). 

Please share your knowledge and guidance. It will be really helpful to me. 

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