H4 EAD form I-765, Qs 18 needs help


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My current H1B, my wife's H4 visa and her H4 EAD all are going to expire on 01.02.2017. I have recently applied for my H1B extension as well as my wife's H4 extension.
While filling up my wife's H4 EAD extension application, I have a question for form I-765. Question 18 of that form says like this:

(c)(26) Eligibility Category. If you entered the eligibility category (c)(26) in Question 16 above, please provide the receipt number of your H1B principal spouse's most recent Form I-797 Notice of Approval for Form I-129.

Since I have not received the I-797 for the H1B approved petition yet (received only I-129), what number can I give here?

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