H1B visa transfer


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I have a valid H1B visa stamp with company A thru June 2017. Now I moved to company B and have a valid approved H1B document, but not visa stamp. The new H1B has a valid date till July 2018.

In this scenario if I travel to India/Abroad in next 2-3 months, do I need to attend Visa interview for re-entry to US? or can I still enter to US with the current valid VISA stamp which has company name A on VISA.

Please advise.


Thank You for your replies!

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you have 2 options here.

1. Either you can use visa stamped from previous company even if you are working for different company also.

2. You can go for visa stamping with new employer.

Better to reentry in USA with old visa only as if we consider the current situation and now a days for visa gets stamping.


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