F2 to F1 is pending with USCIS, but H4 got approved in the meantime


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I filed for her F2 to F1 change of status application I-539 back in Apr' 16. My husband's status was F1 at that time. USCIS asked for more documents and we provided those in Aug' 16. We have been waiting for a response since then.
My husband's employer had filed his H1B application this year in Apr' 16 and it got approved two weeks back. So now my status has changed to H4 (my change of status was also filed along with my husband's H1B application). 
Now my question is what happens to my current application, F2 to F1 transfer, which is still pending with USCIS? Do I need to revoke that and file a fresh one i.e. H4 to F1?

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