Complicated H1 Transfer Please Help


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I transferred to a consulting company A on a normal H1b Processing receipt notice for a little over 13 months and it had an RFE to which my employer replied but I haven't received a result yet, A better firm B with more direct clients wants to apply for my transfer. My i94 has been expired for a little over a year but I know that during transfer i94 can be expired till the day of the result which hasnt come in yet. Company B wishes to apply in premium and I am hoping the chances of my approval are better? Could I legally apply for a transfer when my first transfer isnt complete and if the second petition gets approved will that mean all these days without a visa will be accounted for? Please give me advice or your input 



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First thing your i94 got expired. that means day1 you will be out of status in usa. 

And also you will be accounted illegal stay in usa. its not fair. 

Usually u will have chance to apply for new file from different employer that your i94 getting expiry soon and also worst case within 3 days you should have get extension even i94 expired.

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