On DACA, Can I drop removal proceedings with marriage to a USC (Bona-fide marriage)


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I am a asylum derivative who entered legally as a minor in 2001 under my father's asylum and am currently on DACA . My father was approved for asylum but was later suspected of fraud when applying for LPR. The suspected fraud was related to the wrong date of entry into the US listed on the asylum application and the real date of entry (my dad followed the advice of a fake lawyer who was running a scam). When my DACA was approved, my deportation case was administratively closed as long as DACA is active. I wish to marry a USC (bona-fide marriage) but wanted to know if the marriage, along with a approved I-130, will be sufficient to remove me from removal proceedings entirely?
Additionally, I wish to do AoS after marriage but want to know if I should do before/during/after the IJ closes my removal proceedings for good? 
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