H1B renewel stamping


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Hi Friends, 

Hope this post keeps you good ...

I got my  first  H1 visa stamped in Jan, 2015 and traveled United States in the month of April, 2015 from the employer XYZ..I have got my visa validity till September, 2016.

I have changed my employer (ABC) in June 2016, visa got transferred successfully and approved. I've received my  I-797 and willing to travel India or Canada. I guess my return to US needs to get passport stamped. In this am I eligible to dropbox if i travel back to India or I need to go for in-person interview

What are the prospects of getting stamped If i travel to Canada & get stamped..I do have a Canadian visiting visa..

Where it will be more easier and smoother for stamping, whether going to India using a drop box facility if eligible or visiting Canada?


Pls help me 


Thanks in advance

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