Lost passport with H4 stamp and H4 approval letter


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I am on H4 VISA and I lost my passport  and original H4 approval notice. After this I have lodged a police complaint and I have  the police report with me. Also, I have applied for a new passport which is still in processing since a month. After this my husband who is on H1B has changed his job. So I have these questions:

1. Will I need the original H4 approval notice or I can do with a copy?

2. Does the change of husband's job require any additional steps in the process?

3.I have written to the US Border and Customs about the loss of the passport, is there any additional procedure to be followed.

Please let me know if any of you have an idea about this. Thank you. 

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1. you don;t have the soft copy of H4 approval notice at least ?  Basically you can request for additional copy. For this we have to pay I think. I am not sure about pay the fee for this. and also you can call to UISICS customer-care and explain the situation they can help actually.

2. Not required any additional steps.

3. regarding passport I hope at-least you have soft copy and police report that is enough to get new passport.


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