I-140 status ? if employer files bankrupcy.


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Hi All,

I have my I140 Approved with company A with a PD of 2011. But my current H1 is with company B. Company B has a different federal id etc but its kind of run by common owners with company A, so when I requested to transfer my I-140 to company B I was told that GC will not be an issue, if your Priority Date gets current then you can again transfer your H1 to company A and file for GC. My current H1 is valid till Early 2018.

I was just informed that company A is going to file a Bankrupcy, in this case what will be my options ?

Will I have time to transfer my H1 and restart my GC process with employer C and be able to port my I-140 Priority Date of 2011 ?

 I am not sure if they are going to file a bankruptcy under Chapter7 or Chapter11.



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