H4 EAD to Independant H1B visa


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Hi Senior members,

I came to USA on H4 visa and in the meanwhile my H1B will get approved by this year end ,waiting for final result. I am also eligible to apply for H4 EAD now.Please guide me if i start working on my H1B or H4 EAD,Is it possible to switch my working visa /vice versa for a year or more.

Thanks in advance.

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Your response is really appreciated.

I want to have my H1B to work independently without any dependency.Also, It would be benefit to my family.But in case,if i did not get any job nearby where my husband got long term project,I would like to switch to my H4 EAD.

1) Can i apply for h4 EAD now without impacting my current H1B petition which is in process as RFE. My H1B case was from H4 to H1 filing.


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18 hours ago, pinkcha said:

In case my H1B gets approved and if I face some difficulty in finding the jobs.

If the H1 gets approved, you HAVE a job, with the H1 employer. It is the employer's responsibility to find a project for you. The employer has to pay you, even if you don't have a project, so it is in the employer's best interest to find a project for you.


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I got my H1B approved (not stamped yet) today and want to apply for H4 EAD.

1) Can I apply H4 EAD and make a trip to India & get my H1B stamped,as EAD will take approximately 3 months for approval .

2) Once I start working on H1B, by the time my H4 EAD will get approved.Can I go to canada and get it stamped for H4 to use my EAD.

I know its complicated,but I am in this situation.

Your response would be really appreciable.

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