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I am currently working as a contractor at a client location. 

This chain of relationship might help you to understand the relationship of all parties involved in this contract.  ME --> MY EMPLOYER --> VENDOR --> IMPLEMENTING PARTNER ---> CLIENT 

Now, On the table, I have Full-time job offer from both Implementing Partner and the Client. 

Implementing partner is asking for "NO OBJECTION LETTER" from my VENDOR. MY Vendor is asking for the same from my employer.  Since my employer is not ready to provide "No Objection" Letter, I am not able to take advantage of either of the full-time job offers from Client or Implementing partner.  

What are my options here? 

Is this really a serious issue, that I should not take full time job with whom I am currently working?  

Obviously there are no trade secrets between the companies, which my future employer should be worried to be sued by taking me as their FT, my employer is after all a staffing firm.  

If I some how manage to get full time with Client, will my employer be able to send law notice to my client ? will he have that level of power?

My employer is California-based company. I work in east coast for the client.  

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Your employer is NOT a "staffing firm". Staffing firms can't get H1s. There has to be an employer-employee relationship.

Your employer is losing business if you go to the client, so it is not a surprise that they don't like that.

If the client really wants you, they would negotiate with the employer. Or do they not know about your employer? The EE relationship means that your employer has to be able to show up at the client's door and check on your work...


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First check your offer letter, is there any contract agreement mentioned and minimum  stay with your employer or you should not join for the same client. 

But still it doesn;t matter even if they mentioned all the above conditions in your offer and also all these are ignorable.  As a formality just inform with your employer before accept the offer from actual client.

In USA usually no one will sue us and won;t send any law notice to end clients. if that is the case your client will take care if you are the key resource for them.

One more thing, anyway your client is ready to give the offer right, so why don't you ask directly your client HR about all these issues.


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